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Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connectors & Cables

The Series 80 Connector was originally developed as a smaller and lighter alternative to D38999 connectors for aerospace applications such as Attack Helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Today, the Series 80 "Mighty Mouse" serves in thousands of safety-critical defense, medical, industrial and geo-physical applications.

Mighty Mouse ConnectorThe Series 80 "Mighty Mouse" Connector is supplied in six standard designs:

  • Series 800 Light Duty UN Thread
  • Series 801 Heavy Duty Double-Start
  • Series 802 "Aqua Mouse" Harsh Environmental
  • Series 803 Bayonet
  • Series 804 Quick-Disconnect
  • Series 805 Triple-Start

All the connectors in the Series 80 family are available with rear-release crimp contacts or with PC tail or solder cup terminations. Shell styles, including in-line plugs, square-flange and jam-nut receptacles are available for all types. Integrated banding platforms for EMI shield termination or rear-end threads for backshell accessories are also standard throughout the line.

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