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Composite Thermoplastic Connectors and Accessories

Plus Composite Enclosures, Conduit Systems, Braided Shielding, Assembly Tools and More!

Glenair Composite Thermoplastic Connectors and AccessoriesFor general purpose applications, electrical connectors and accessories are conventionally constructed from brass, nickel aluminum bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and more recently from titanium. For applications where weight savings and advanced corrosion resistance is required, Glenair offers both conductive and non-conductive composite thermoplastics as a major alternative material. Glenair's composite interconnect components are manufactured from high-grade engineering thermoplastics for the toughest application environments. Specifically geared for high-performance air, sea and space applications, Glenair's line of composite interconnect components are ideally suited for systems which require electromagnetic compatibility, reliable environmental protection and long-term durability.

Glenair Authorized Distributor Composite Thermoplastic Connectors and Accessories Catalog (15MB)

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