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Mini-Clamp Connectors

3M Mini Clamp3M Mini-Clamp Connectors are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications commonly found in a wide range of sensor control systems, including Factory Automation and Industrial Controls.

3M Mini-Clamp products use the advantage of 3M’s IDC technology which does not require any special tooling or pre-treatment of cables, and can be terminated using a standard pair of pliers.

Benefits of the Mini-Clamp products include a simple installation process that does not create material debris or waste; a labor saving IDC termination process relative to traditional interconnect alternatives; ease of assembly for system building; and a design that provides for consistent quality and reliability. Features include a semi-transparent cover, color-coded covers to provide for the proper wire usage, and wire alignment and retention built into the cover. These features allow proper wire termination along with latches and polarization to allow for proper mating of the connectors.

3M Authorized Distributor Mini-Clamp Connector Data Sheet

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