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Cylindrical, Metal, Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environment, High Speed Signal Connector

Amphenol Industrial Max-M12Amphenol Industrial Operations introduces our ruggedized M12 high speed data connector, the Max-M12. High speed data transmission connection systems have traditionally been implemented into commercial applications with little regard to high vibration, high temperature and overall harsh environment demands. With the increased implementation of these high speed Datalink connection systems into more heavy duty / harsh environment surroundings, the need for a more robust and ruggedized connection system has surfaced.

Based on the IEC 61076-2-101 and SAE J 2839 standards the Max-M12 connection system makes it the perfect solution for the ultra rugged applications that sometimes exist in markets dealing with Heavy Equipment, Rail & Mass Transit, Process Control, Factory Automation, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 versions are available - HDM 12 - 90° right angle and straight connector offerings
  • 440 N (100 LBF) pull force on cable - HDM 12 EX – additional metal shell to protect against extreme impact / force
  • 1,332 N (300 LBF) pull force on cable · 4 way and 5 way circuit patterns available for each version - B, D & P polarity codes – based on IEC 61087-2-101
  • Available as stand-alone connectors & cable assemblies (standard and overmolded)
  • Terminals capable of being terminated to: - 0.8 mm2 (18 AWG) or 0.5 mm2 (20 AWG) conductors as defined by SAE J1128 and 0.75 mm2 and 0.50 mm2 conductors as defined by ISO 6722
  • Backward compatible with IEC 61076-2-101 (M12) with higher environmental rating
  • More resistant to terminal damage
  • Extreme environmental testing based on J 2030 requirements - High pressure wash down


  • SAE J 2839 Compliant
  • IP 67 & IP 69 K Compliant

Amphenol Aerospace Authorized Distributor Amphenol Max-M12 Connectors Data sheet


Contact your local sales office or email [email protected] for more information.