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AMT4001 REV C Crimp Tool

AMT4001 Rev C Crimp ToolAstro's new AMT4001 REV C (AS22520/40-01*) crimp tool is a fast, manually operated tool for crimping AS7928 (MIL-T-7928) Terminals and Splices for wire sizes 26 through 14 (terminal and splice color codes, Small Yellow, Red, and Blue). This tool is comparable to Tyco Electronics' 59250 hand tool. The AMT4001 REV C provides a ratchet controlled crimp to ensure full crimp force/closure is applied. The handles will not open until they have been fully closed and the crimp is completed. The tool is still equipped with a locator to hold terminals and splices in place for crimping.

Product Features:

  • Cycle controlled
  • Wire sizes 26 through 14
  • Adjustable insulation barrel
  • Redesigned to eliminate terminal sticking after crimp
  • Eliminated cable assembly
  • Overall reduced weight
  • Reduced handle stroke

Product Links:

Astro Tool CorpAstro Tool AMT4001 REV C Crimp Tool

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