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Mueller Electric Authorized Distributor

Mueller Electric Authorized Distributor

Ever since Ralph Mueller invented the Alligator clip back in 1908, the Mueller name has been synonymous with quality, durability and reliability. Over the years Mueller Electric has transformed from being the inventor of the Alligator Clip, into a leading supplier of an extensive range of products. Those products are comprised of instrumentation cables in various configurations including M23, M12, M8 and M5 assembly types. Custom cable assembly opportunities are also welcome. Other products include electrical clips in the form of battery charging clips, welding clips, kelvin clips, automotive clips and grounding & bonding clips. Mueller also offers an extensive line of insulators and connectors.

Based in Akron Ohio, USA, Mueller Electric has unrivaled expertise in engineering and manufacturing. Mueller manufactures to the highest quality standards and its products are fully tested for safety and compliance. Mueller Electric is ISO 9001 certified.

Top Commodities:

  • Instrumentation cables
  • Customer cable division
  • Test leads
  • Alligator clips and insulators
  • Protective grounding products
  • SMA (RF) and other connectors
  • Bulk wire and cable

Industries We Serve:
  • Test and measurement
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Military and defense
  • Utilities and substations
  • Underground sensing
  • Industrial
  • Paint grounding
  • Railway
  • Agriculture

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