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Piher Sensing Systems has over 60 years of perfecting product design, automation, and process stability to deliver custom and standard sensors and controls. They have become a market leader providing solutions for the automotive, off-road, aerospace, industrial, marine, and appliance sectors. Piher’s technology, creativity, and production capacity has allowed them to produce cost-effective, reliable solutions for even the harshest environments. Customers have come to expect the following from Piher:

  • Configurable and custom potentiometers
  • Custom mechatronics
  • Market-leading thick film carbon technology
  • Innovative contactless Hall effect solutions for rugged applications
  • Rapid prototyping and production ramp-up
  • Superior lead-times

Featured Products

The PST-360 contactless position/angle sensor combines a through-shaft design with 360º absolute position feedback in an extremely thin package. The angle sensor PST-360 is used for measuring angles between 30° and 360°. Key features include through hole sensing where the shaft passes directly through the sensor, high accuracy absolute position feedback over 360°, and a true non-contacting sensing element. The new sensor incorporates a proprietary ring magnet with hall chip for the sensor element. This combination does not rely on gears or other rotating parts, maximizing robustness and sensing accuracy.

This programmable Hall effect sensor combines key features not found in other 360° absolute position sensors, including a switch function. This allows for substantial cost savings in a common package that are critical in safety and high reliability applications. Additionally, the PSC-360-IC also offers best in class temperature performance (operating between -40° to +125° C) and accuracy over 360° up to 0.5%. The device offers a programmable linear transfer characteristic capable of multiple positive and one negative slope.

The MTS-360 provides a true breakthrough in contactless sensor technology by combining a through-shaft design with 360º absolute position feedback in an ultra miniature size. The result is the smallest fully featured rotary sensor on the market with reliability up to 50 million cycles. With its tiny size of only 6mm x 17mm x 18mm (HxWxL), engineers can now integrate a fully featured rotary sensor directly on their PCB without the packaging issues that typically accompany encoders or other absolute position devices. The exceptionally low profile fits easily in places that were previously too small for pre-packaged rotary sensors.

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