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Powell Agricultural Solutions

The future of agriculture is smart farming performed with machines that support precision agriculture functions. This concept refers to modern farms using technology to reduce costs, gain higher yields and minimize environmental impact. Critical advancements in agricultural equipment have made it possible for farms to track crop life with great precision.

The utilization of IoT in agriculture is now the norm. Cameras and sensors are automatically used to monitor critical parameters such as soil nutrition, temperature, moisture, and more. Powell Agricultural Solutions focuses on the complex systems involved including connectivity, sensor fusion, position monitoring, telematics, and object identification. Integrated equipment is used to optimize crop potential by ensuring that the correct amount of seed, water, pesticide, and fertilizer are monitored and applied to the crops electronically via GPS. This new way of farming is accomplished with the help of monitors, sensors, and cross-brand computerized systems.

Powell Electronics provides components for Gb Ethernet, ISO 11783-2 and SAE J1939 applications. Over 70 years in electronics history with a vast array of related products such as ground radar, switches, connectors, lighting, circuit breakers, solenoids and value-added assemblies. Thank you for your interest in Powell Agricultural Solutions, and we look forward to engineering a solution for you.

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Powell's ISOBUS

Powell's ISOBUSIn an effort to standardize communication of electronics in mechanized equipment ISO 11783 (ISOBUS) was developed.  The ISO 11783 standard is based on a Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol, which has been used to control some of the components in agricultural equipment for many years. Complying with ISO 11783 ensures the connectors and wiring harnesses are compatible, and their electronic systems can communicate with each other. 

The physical bus used is compatible with the SAE J1939-11 standard.  This is a passive two-wire bus terminated at the bus ends by a characteristic impedance.  The entire ISOBUS is divided into at least two segments. The tractor bus is a segment which permits communication within the tractor: engine, powertrain, hitch valves, etc.. The second segment is the implement bus which is available for communication between implement and tractor as well as between implements themselves. At least one Tractor Engine Control Unit (ECU) serves as the interface between the two segments.

One of the keys to successful communication between implement and vehicle is that the connectors used are fully compatible with other designs - both stablemates and rivals....Read More in Industrial Vehicle Technology International Magazine

PAS HSI Architecture

IBBC: ISOBUS Breakaway Connector

Implement BUS Breakway Connector (IBBC)Powell’s ISOBUS Breakaway Connector is a cost effective connector solution for CAN based implement systems. The IBBC connector maintains full compatibility with ISO 11783-2 standards, ensuring reliable communications between the implement and tractor or construction equipment.

The IBBC uses an improved design, which consists of a die-cast aluminum handle and locking latch/release mechanism that holds the mating connector securely in place. This design offers many benefits over the typical bayonet locking pin and ring design:

  • Simple to line up and push the implement harness connector into place.
  • Powder-coated aluminum handle will not corrode due to exposure to farm chemicals and the environment.
  • The handle holds the mated connector firmly in place during operation, while the latch/release will allow the connectors to breakaway in the event of a mishap.
  • Easy to install and the most accepted in the industry.

IBRC-3L: Three Latch Rear Connector

ISO Box Rear Connector (IBRC) Powell Electronics’s new and improved IBRC Connector (for mating with the IBBC) comes with an optimized mating tolerance, longer mating interface, three latch locking mechanism, brightly-colored 2D visual inspection interfacial seal, and the option of adding a backshell or cable router to it.

These improvements feature less stress on the contacts, which optimizes the power transfer and results in less heat build-up under full load. The three latches provide an increased mating stability, again adding to a stress-free contact alignment. A brightly colored interfacial seal will provide an easy visual inspection on correct and tight mating while sealing off in two dimensions - performing to IP69K standards. Populating this improved version is extremely easy by simply pushing the contacts in until a click is heard, locking the contacts safely in place. This reduces the population time to an absolute minimum and offers a labor cost savings.

Grommet Seals Protects the IBRC™ wire and cable with flexible grommet seals. These seals are designed to handle UL Spec Wires (orange) or SAE Spec Wires (blue) while sealing to IP69K.

TBC: Terminating Bias Circuit

Terminating Bias Circuit (TBC)The Terminating Bias Circuit (TBC) from Powell Electronics is a cost effective way to provide active or passive termination for CAN Bus vehicle networks.  The TBC Terminator maintains full compatibility with the ISO 11783-2 and SAE J1939 standards. 

In some systems used today, termination of CAN-based systems is made inside a controller on an assembled printed circuit board (PCB).  The Powell Termination Bias Circuit is an inexpensive, separate unit that provides the electrical bias and termination at each end of a CAN Bus segment needed to suppress reflections on the CAN Bus.

The Powell TBC is compatible with the ISO 11783-2 and SAE J1939 standards.The printed circuit board is moulded into polypropylene that protects the electronics from harsh environments.

IBIC™: ISOBUS Implement Connector

IOS BUS Implement Connector (IBIC)Powell’s ISOBUS Implement Connector is a new IP68 design for the implement connector specified in the ISO 11783 protocol. The IBIC™ creates the electrical connection of implements to the tractor or other agricultural vehicles in order to transfer power, signals, and CAN BUS communication to and from the tractor and implement.
This IBIC™ connector provides a cost-effective solution for implement manufacturers. The IBIC™ Implement Connector is by far the most accepted implement connector in the market. This is due to its industry best IP68 sealing and ease of wiring with standard tools in less than 3 minutes. It is in-field repairable in case of a mishap occurring, requiring no special techniques or tooling for operators to fix.

The IBIC™ is designed to mate with the Powell ISOBUS Breakaway Connector (IBBC) but is also backwards compatible with previous designs in the market.

IBIC™ Population Instructions: Populating the IBIC™

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Want to experience the quality and durability of our new Powell Agriculture products? Click on the button below to request a FREE Powell Agriculture Sample Kit.

Our kit will include a sample of our ISO BUS Implement Connector (IBIC™) as well as a cap for the connector.

Diagnostic Connector

Diagnostic ConnectorIn addition to its full line of AT contacts available to the agricultural industry, Powell Electronics is proud to introduce a 9-pin Diagnostic Jam Nut Receptacle after SAE J 1939 and ISO 11783-2 standards, featuring AT contact technology.  The new 9-pin connector is part of a series designed to perform in the demanding environment found on construction and farm equipment as well as a truck environment.  The AT Circular series is a moulded thermoplastic receptacle with a positive retention system and sealed by redundant grommet wire sealing.  The jam nut design ensures the required easy handling on the assembly line. 

The AT contact technology is already used successfully at major OEMs and features machined and stamped and formed versions.