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Quell Authorized Distributor

Quell Authorized Distributor

Quell Corporation designs and manufacturers EMI/RFI and transient protection solutions specific to their customer’s applications and products. By delivering top quality EESeal® connector inserts for high value electronics with EMI and/or transient protection issues, Quell solutions are fast and effective.

EESeal® EMI Filter inserts (and Transient Suppressors) for connectors are an easy retrofit compared to bulky adapters, filtered connectors, and other traditional devices. Our EESeals® are made of resilient silicone rubber that is quick and easy to install, even in the field. Their patented construction allows them to survive even extreme environmental abuse. By using just your finger tip, you can easily retrofit and install an EESeal® insert in your connector in just seconds.

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EESeals® offer you the flexibility to have your insert your way. A wide variety of SMD components (capacitors, resistors, MOV’s, TVS’s and more) can be selected to meet your applications exact requirements. Your EESeal can have components connected Pin to Pin, Pin to shell, shorts, opens, etc. and every pin can have a different individual treatment. Quell Corporation engineers will be happy to work with you to solve your EMI and transient protection problems. Contact us today by phone or email — it’s easy and you won’t be sorry. First, we will determine what EESeal® insert design is right for you and then we will gladly provide you with a FREE sample. We can usually design, build and ship FREE custom samples within a day or two of your request. Our engineers can "tweak" your EESeal filter design to maximize performance and focus on solving your applications exact problem. We manufacture EESeal® inserts for a wide range of military-spec, commercial and custom connectors, including MIL-C-38999, MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-5015, MILC-83723, ARINC, Lemo, MDM, D-Subminiature and custom connectors too.

Benefits of EESeal® Filter Seals

  • Easy to install & remove in field by non expert personnel with no special tools
  • Virtually “invisible” once installed - they look like a normal part of a connector
  • Maintains environmental seal of host connector
  • Adapts to real world variations & stress commonly associated with connectors and connector pins (bent pins, severe shock & vibration, rough handling, etc.)
  • Rugged design proven via Mil-Std & FAA/DO-160C environmental stress testing
  • Extremely low weight
  • Filter can be designed/modified very late in design process

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