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200°C Filtered Wire and Cable

Filtered Wire and Cable200°C wire and cable from TE Connectivity are higher temperature additions to the ElectroLoss Filterline family of EMI-filtering wires and cables for defense and aerospace applications. The 200°C temperature rating, which is higher than competitive cables, allows smaller conductor gauges to be used to reduce weight in weight-sensitive applications. The unique low free-fluorine evolving polymers eliminate the possibility of corrosion to other components when stored in sealed bags as is commonly done in kitting for space applications.

The cross-linked, high temperature, non-melting insulation system offers excellent resistance to the wide range of fluids found in aerospace environments and improved heat aging/resistance characteristics. The conductive modified crosslinked ETFE jacket has been optimized for increased resistance to flexure fatigue. With the high temperature rating above that offered by competitive cables, the 200°C wire and cable meets all mechanical and electrical requirements of M85485/9-12 and exceeds the thermal performance requirements. It is also compatible with standard 39029 contacts and associated connectors.

Effective against conducted EMI, ElectroLoss FilterLine wire and cable systems attenuate high-frequency EMI and allow low-frequency signals to pass with minimum loss. The wire and cables function as low-pass electrical filters, attenuating both conducted and radiated EMI above 100 MHz. The ElectroLoss Filterline family is designed to provide the best EMI protection using either a metallic shield on each wire or an overall metallic shield protecting a bundle of individual component wires. Using EMI-filtered cable reduces costs by eliminating the need for filtered connectors and contacts.

TE Connectivity Authorized Distributor 200°C Filtered Wire and Cable Brochure

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