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Robert Technologies Authorized Distributor

Robert Technologies Authorized Distributor

Robert Technologies Inc (RTI)has become well-respected, gaining a reputation for supplying the industry with high reliability electronic connectors that are reasonably priced and readily available. In September 1999, Robert Tech received their first QPL (Qualified Product Listing) on the SAE-AS-81703 Series 1 connector line.

The RTI Class “L” connector line is a power connector with current ratings ranging from 40 through 200 amperes. This type of connector is required for all ground power equipment by MIL-STD-454, and are considered the preferred connector under MIL-STD-1453, which mandates its use in all equipment procured by the military. The selection of Class “L” connectors was primarily based on maximum user safety and equipment protection.

The Military 81703 Series I Connector line has various insert configurations to suit almost any application. Contact gauges range from 8 to 20 which are non-removable solder termination, and can also be fitted with coaxial contacts.

The RT Solder Series (Commercial) is equal in performance, uses identical insert configurations, contact gauges, and contact style as the SAE-AS-81703 Series I line, but is more versatile. This allows for modifications to be applied to the connectors for specific requirements.

The RTS Crimp Series (Commercial) exceeds the SAE-AS-81703 Series I and RT Solder Series Line in performance. This line will intermate with the corresponding layouts in the SAE-AS-81703 Series I line and the RT Solder Series line. This line is used in more critical applications where the environment and voltage rating are a factor. This line also has more diverse insert configurations including a 61 pin insert layout. Contact gauges range from 8 to 20, are removable crimp, and can also be fitted with thermocouple and coaxial contacts. This line also has the capabilities to be specifically customized through various modification codes provided by the factory.

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