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Ulti-Mate Connector Authorized Distributor

Ulti-Mate Connector Authorized Distributor

Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc. has been producing world-class Micro-miniature connectors and interconnect solutions since 1977.  They provide a broad range of Micro-miniature and cable assembly products. Located in Orange, California, Ulti-Mate prides itself with its “Made in America” interconnect solutions.

Ulti-Mate specializes in serving the unique interconnect needs of military, space, aviation, medical, and geophysical exploration marketplaces. Their reputation for innovation and quality has placed Ulti-Mate connectors in many of our country’s most advanced missile systems, manned space and satellite vehicles, and guidance and navigation systems. Ulti-Mate also has a long history of meeting the rigorous specifications of invasive and noninvasive medical imaging, patient monitoring and measured drug delivery markets.

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