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Vector Electronics Authorized Distributor

Vector Electronics Authorized Distributor

Vector Electronics manufactures cPCI & VME packaging, standard and cuustom general prototype products, PCB's subracks, and components. 

System platforms such as VME, VME64x, STD-bus and cPCI integrated backplanes with rack mount or bench top chassis and power supplies, custom and standard configurations. Portable tower-style chassis, Mil-461-D ruggedized and full system integration services available.

Standard industry bus-architecture (VME, VME64x, STD-bus, cPCI) in addition to custom configurations.  Vector Uncommitted backplanes in 96-pin DIN format offer complete pin assignment.

19" VectorPak™ Subracks
19" Rackmount Subracks available in DIN (metric) or EIA (non-metric) styles. Front panels and blank-off plates, ejector handles and card retainers, rack handles, card guides and a full compliment of rack accessories available. Vector manufactures custom racks for military, nuclear and commercial applications.

Vectorbord ® Test Extenders, Vectorbord® PCMCIA Flexible Extenders, Vectorbord® DIN / VME Extenders
Vectorbord®  is the most time-tested trademarks in the Electronics Industry. Often mimicked but never duplicated, Vector's products save time and provide practical solutions to prototyping, troubleshooting, testing or maintenance/repair.

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