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nVent SCHROFF Authorized Distributor

nVent SCHROFF Authorized Distributor

Powell's value-add capabilities and SCHROFF's innovative solutions can resolve any design challenge together. From the initial design idea to prototype through production, Powell and SCHROFF are here to support any unique application requirements.

Benefits of working with Powell and SCHROFF include:

  • Dedicated design help from initial concept through production
  • 3D configurators to build and visualize your custom design
  • Supply chain solutions to eliminate any delays in production
  • Dedicated team to ensure all requirements are met throughout the entire life cycle of your program
  • Warehouse value add assembly meeting all industry specifications

SCHROFF has been synonymous with innovation since it was founded in Germany in 1962, starting with the development of a euro board subrack system that helped make the 19” standard universal. nVent continues to pioneer electronic infrastructure for a wide range of applications today.

Compatible. Modular. Scalable. Recognized worldwide, nVent SCHROFF products meet national and international standards for electronics packaging and are in accordance with IEC 60297-3-x and IEEE 1101.x. Starting with our standards-based solutions, then modified or customized to meet the needs of your specific application, can save you time and money versus creating a proprietary solution.

SCHROFF Products:

  • Cabinets and Racks
  • Cases, Subracks, and Components
  • Systems and Components
  • Thermal Management
  • Front Panels
  • CALMARK & BIRTCHER Products: Retainers

Industries We Serve:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Railway and Transportation
  • Datacenter and Networking Solutions
  • Communications
  • Test and Measurement

Application Links:

nVent SCHROFF Website


High Thermal Sawtooth
Card-Lok (HTS)

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable secure and cool mission critical electronics in military and defense as well as commercial aerospace applications.
  • Optimized to meet advanced requirements for Size, Weight and Power at a low cost
  • Meets advanced requirements for heat dissipation and shock and vibration resistance
  • Allows for up to 15% increased thermal performance over similarly sized card-locks
  • Allows for up to 91% higher clamping force over similarly sized Card-Loks (280HTS)
  • Profile 1: 260HTS
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  • Profile 2: 265HTS
    Product Information
  • Profile 3: 280HTS
    Product Information
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Torque-Limited Card-Lok
Retainer (TLC)

Features and Benefits

  • Unlike traditional card-loks, torque-limiting card-loks satisfy the requirements for field-level maintenance because they do not require any specific tools to install or utilize them, ongoing calibration or advanced technical knowledge
  • Torque-limiting card-loks include an internal ratcheting mechanism, which provides highly repeatable and reliable clamping force and thermal performance
  • Reduces equipment downtime and minimizes the complexity of the maintenance process
  • Profile 1: 223
    Product Information
  • Profile 2: 224
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Conduction Cooled
Assembly (CCA)

Features and Benefits

  • Consist of a conduction cooled frame, feature Calmark Card-Loks, extractors and conduction cooled keys
  • Designed for circuit boards requiring cooling in severe environments where convection cooling cannot be used
  • The assembly also provides needed structural support of the plug-in module in high shock and vibration environments
  • Downloadable standards compliant CAD templates for easy modification
       o ESD protected packaging available
       o Kits can also include thermal pads, EMC gaskets, and labeling per customer requirements
  • Save time and sourcing costs by managing the entire assembly with one part number
       o ESD protected packaging available
       o Kits can also include thermal pads, EMC gaskets, and labeling per customer requirements
  • High performance options with High Clamp Force Card-Looks and tolerance compensating extractors
  • Overcome design and thermal challenges by working with in-house engineering team
  • Manufactured in an AS9100 compliant facility
  • CCA Products
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Aluminum Case EMC

Features and Benefits

  • IP protection up to IP67, is EMC shielded, as well as shock, vibration & weather resistant
  • Can be configured with standardized or customer-specific form factors
  • Innovated solutions for PCB fixing, cable management and optimized cooling concepts
  • Configuration of a flexible enclosure solutionI
  • Protection of electronics in indoor and outdoor applications
       o Railway & Transportation
       o Telecommunications
       o Aerospace & Defense
       o Industrial
  • IP-Pro Alu EMC Products
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