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RF Industries Connectors for Times Microwave LMR® Cable

RF Industries Connectors for Times Microwave LMR® CableRF Industries manufactures an extensive selection of connectors for use with LMR®-100A through LMR®-600 cables. Connector interfaces include N-type, TNC, BNC, 7/16 DIN, UHF, mini-UHF and miniature connectors, SMA, MCX, MMCX, SMB, SSMB, and MC Card. In addition, reverse-polarity N-type, TNC, BNC, SMA, MMCX are in stock for WiFi and broadband applications.

Connectors for LMR® cables are supplied with silver-, gold-, nickel-, or white bronze-plated components, PTFE dielectric and gold- or silver-plated contacts. Both crimp and clamp attachment options are on hand. The majority of the standard connector series and all of the WiFi and broadband interfaces were designed with exceptional VSWR performance up to 6 GHz. All of the crimp connectors will work with industry-standard crimp tools, as well as RF Connectors-brand crimp tools.

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