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Honeywell Sensor Evaluation Kit

Evaluation KitThe Sensor Evaluation Kit, SEK001, provides an easier way to demonstrate and evaluate Honeywell’s TruStability RSC Series, and the digital output versions (I2C or SPI) of the HSC Series and SSC Series Board Mount Pressure Sensors. The kit interfaces a selected sensor to an Arduino™ Uno Rev3 Microcontroller Board. Honeywell software, which is provided free and is downloadable at ( controls the Arduino Uno Rev3 to take readings from the sensor. Sensor measurements are displayed on the user’s PC and can be recorded to a .csv file for further analysis. In addition to being mounted directly on the SEK001, the sensor may also be remotely connected to the SEK001 via wire leads, allowing the sensor to be tested in adverse environments, or in a prototype product for proof of concept testing.


  • The SEK001 has sockets to receive TruStability HSC, SSC Series pressure sensors with I2C or SPI digital output, as well as the new TruStability RSC Series high resolution pressure sensors. The board is then plugged in as a shield board to the user-provided Arduino Uno Rev3 board. (All sensors are sold separately. Only one sensor may be evaluated at a time.)
  • Five jumpers for an HSC Series or SSC Series, I2C output, 5 Vdc pressure sensor are preconfigured on the board.
  • Uses an industry standard Arduino platform
  • Sensor Evaluation Boards for other Honeywell sensors are under development

Potential Applications

  • Sensor demonstration
  • Sensor testing and evaluation
  • Proof-of-concept testing

Sensor Evaluation Kit Datasheet