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Scorpion Connectors

ScorpionThe Scorpion family represents some of the most versatile modular power/signal connectors on the market. SP series are standard profile connectors of 14.60mm height. LSP series are low profile connectors of 8.20mm height.

Benefits Include:

  • Power contact options: ranging from 16 to 120 amps plus the ability to add signal contacts and a variety of accessories.
  • Blind mating, float mount, panel mount and cable connector options with unique locking system.
  • PC Mount, crimp, and press fit terminations. Venting option for improved air cooling
  • Blank modules contact spacing for higher voltage needs.
  • Solid machined, precision formed contacts.
  • Shielded, high voltage and hyperboloid contacts options.

Positronic Scorpion Connectors Datasheet

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