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Sealed Splices for High-Temperature Applications

D-200 MiniSeal Crimp Splices were developed to meet the growing needs of high temperature applications in the aerospace and defense industry.

Product Features:

  • MiniSeal Crimp SplicesSmall size, lightweight
  • Splices provide sealing to unetched wire insulations
  • No need to stagger wire splices
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Transparent heat-shrinkable sleeve provides environmental protection and strain relief
  • Immersion-resistant crimp splices

D-200 MiniSeal Crimp Splices from TE Connectivity are ideal for aerospace and defense applications where performance, reliability, or size reduction is essential.

With a temperature rating of 200°C, the splice combines a nickel-plated copper crimp barrel with a separate, heat-shrinkable, transparent sealing sleeve that provides strain relief and environmental protection. These splices preserve electrical integrity by preventing the penetration of liquids and the resulting chemical and galvanic corrosion and potential short circuits.

D-200 MiniSeal crimp splices offer the following significant advantages over alternative methods:

  • Reliability
  • Excellent long-term performance
  • Environment-resistant sealing
  • SAE-AS81824/1 (modified for 200˚C applications) qualification

D-200 MiniSeal splices are available for a wire range from 26 AWG to 12 AWG and can be used to seal and protect high temperature rated wires with Teflon insulation such as RCW and BMS13-60 nickel-plated wires. Termination is with standard AD-1377 crimp tool.

TE Connectivity Authorized Distributor Sealed Splices Brochure

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